DJI Mavic: Can It Be Used To Create Professional Photographs?

Ever since I was a little boy I have loved the idea of flying remote controlled airplanes.  I used to hang out with a friend whose dad built them and would fly them on their farm.  Unfortunately, I was never around to see their plane in flight.  The closest I ever got to flying one myself was when my parents bought me a large Styrofoam plane when we visited the Outer Banks…  With all the excitement you could imagine, I quickly built said plane and promptly crashed it, breaking the wings clean off.  It’s clear I was no Chesley B. Sully.  Well, fast forward about 20 years and I finally pulled the trigger on a DJI Mavic drone to add to my photography gear arsenal.  With that being said, I’m extremely skeptic of this drones ability to take photos that I would be able to use professionally.

Rather than regurgitate the specs of this impressive drone you can simply hit the link below to see for yourself:

I searched, and searched, and searched for a good article on the quality of the still photographs that drones like the Phantom 4 could create.  I wanted to know whether or not I could use specialized software to successfully enlarge images to a size that I could potentially sell to clients.  You see, my clients don’t really want a 10×20 image…  They want images that are at least 5 feet wide.

So, like any photographer who is about to purchase new gear, I spent countless hours researching the image quality of various drones.  I went so far as to download multiple RAW files from others who had reviewed previous versions of the DJI drones to see how much leeway I would have in Lightroom and Photoshop.  I’m going to refrain from sharing the results just yet and wait until I have the Mavic in hand (very soon) to share a comprehensive review of the drone with you.  This review will focus on the still photography capabilities of the drone and whether it could be considered by a professional photographer or not.

What I’ll cover:

Build Quality

Ease of Use

Image Quality


If you aren’t familiar with PhotolisticLife I feel the need to inform you that I get no compensation from the gear manufacturers that I review.  I give real world reviews with no bull shit feedback.  If you want to know whether the DJI Mavic is a professional tool or simply a toy then stay tuned to for my upcoming review.

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