Abstract Vintage Camera Series

I wrote an article about abstract photography and it’s ability to jump-start your creativity a while back…  I’ll often follow my own advice (otherwise I probably wouldn’t give it) and share it here on the site…  It just took me a while to publish this particular article.  At the end of that article I challenged readers to find things in their own house to photograph creatively.  As I worked on this article I decided to take my own advice and share it here with you.  I decided to make abstract photographs of some of my favorite things right here in my studio.  Vintage cameras!

I, just like any other photographer, enjoy collecting all types of cameras.  They are hung or perched all over my office/studio like a bunch of disease ridden pigeons near an outdoor cafe.  After I created the abstract shot for the article (mentioned above) I thought I’d like to create a series of camera photographs that I would want to hang on my own wall.  These are some of the images I created.

What’s the last photo challenge you tackled?  I’d challenge you to find one and complete it, especially if it’s something different from what you are used to.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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One reply on “Abstract Vintage Camera Series”
  1. says: Daniel Stevenson

    I get a serious case of motion sickness if I look at the types of images you have posted in the Abstract Vintage Camera Series. You did a good job and the images all have the same theme, but I can’t look at them to really appreciate them. I am certainly not trying to rain on your photos, but in this case there may be others that are likewise effected.

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