Impressionist Spring In Pittsburgh With The Leica M – Part II

If you’ve stumbled onto this article from the depths of the inter-web then you may want to check out the first in this series here.  I will be creating my interpretation of impressionist work of Pittsburgh for the rest of the year and update readers here.

The only criteria I set for myself was that the images had to be created in the camera rather than with Photoshop (which means no double exposures layered in PS). All images you see here were taken with the Leica M Typ 262, Leica 35mm f/2, and processed in Lightroom.

L1000220I’m really enjoying creating images like these.  I’m finding that visual balance, color, and timing are all key elements that need to come together for the best results.  What is included in the frame is very important as well (seems obvious).  Take for instance the flowers in the bottom left corner of the image below…  Though they make up such a small part of the image, I feel like they are vital to the image.

L1000191I hope you are enjoying these images as much as I enjoy taking them.  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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