Fine Art Camera Photography Series

After writing the article on abstract/fine art photography I decided to start a new series and document it here on PhotolisticLife.  I’m going to photograph various cameras, old and new, in a fine art and/or abstract manner.  I understand that “fine art” is thrown around quite liberally on the internet so I’ll leave it to you to decide whether it’s abstract, fine art, or both.  The only real criteria I’m adhering to is that the final image should look like something I’d want to hang on my wall.

I’ve photographed five cameras so far but will continue to add to that and update you here on PhotolisticLife as well as Instagram (you can find the Instagram link at the top of this page near the search bar).  Each photograph has been taken using the Nikon Df with the Nikon 16-35mm f4G lens (that lens is a stellar landscape lens as well as product photography lens in my opinion).  There was no manipulation in Photoshop, each image was edited using Lightroom.

If you’d like to inquire as to purchasing a limited edition print of one or all of the cameras you see here you can do so by emailing me at  Otherwise, grab your camera and get creative!

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