The 412project Brings The Art Of Photography To The Streets Of Pittsburgh

We are also bringing an online community together outside of social media, photographers who have a passion for photographing this beautiful city. We are giving them a chance to interact and learn from each other.

We are bringing photographs that may never have been seen outside of Instagram to the streets of the city. If you are not an Instagram user you may never be exposed to the talent that is out there photographing and capturing the beauty of this city every day. Now we introduce you to these photographers and hopefully the audience gets involved by participating themselves, or is curious enough to visit Instagram.

Pittsburgh – We are helping to show the world that in the last 10 years The City of Pittsburgh has transformed into a new city. This rebirth has brought about amazing sights that most people do not know about. We are helping promote the image of a city through the photograph of the people who live, work and play in that city. These are everyday people taking pictures and showing the world the true beauty of the city. They were not hired to promote the city and show it in a good light like a professional marketing firm. They love to take photographs of the city and we help showcase the true beauty of Pittsburgh for the world to see.

Q. Why we do what we do and what keeps us motivated.

A. Each one of our members has a very busy life. We have all given up time to support this project because we believe in a community that supports its own members. Each one of us used Instagram, met on Instagram, and now supports each other. We feel that we are providing support and a medium to meet other artists that may never have been more than a “double tap” on a photograph. Some amateurs are not confident enough to have their photographs printed, let alone displayed, and we help them find and be a part of our supportive community. Motivation is easy when we have the success we are experiencing at the moment. We continue to meet each goal and set higher ones. As the project continues and goals are harder to reach, the motivation is going to come from the support we and the community gives to each other. Seeing a community we build come together and support each other is all the motivation you need.

If you’d like to find 412project on Instagram hit this link.  If you’d like to visit their webpage and learn more about them or contact them to help out you can hit this link.  If you’d like to get featured by 412project be sure to share you images on Instagram and tag them with #412project.

Special thanks to Jason and the 412project gang for talking with me and bringing this vision to life in Pittsburgh.

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