Spectral Pittsburgh – Manipulating Light

What if you could turn off the part of your brain that regulates what you say and do?  The prefrontal cortex I believe (don’t correct me, nobody likes a know-it-all).  Would your creative side improve?  Perhaps you’d revert to making pretty pictures knuckle deep in finger paint?  When I try to turn off the serious photography side of me I am always drawn to creating composite images or creating images with intentional camera movement (or blur).  Apparently I’ve buried a modern abstract artist deep down somewhere in my psyche, I just hope he isn’t buried next to my serious business side…

1215_untitled_001-2The three images you see here were a combination of two different images merged and manipulated in Lightroom then Photoshop/Pixlr and then back in Lightroom again.  I find creating composite images like this is both incredibly relaxing and frustrating at the same time.  I’ve yet to create one that I’m happy with but I’m really enjoying the process of learning the different ways to create them.

1215_untitled_001-2-2If you haven’t given composite images a try I would highly recommend it…  If nothing else, you’ll learn your way around Photoshop.  For more on composite images check out here and here (that last link has a quick tutorial on how to create composite images).

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