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PhotolisticLife…  Or more specifically, me, is on Instagram now.  Sure, I’ve had an account there for a while but I finally started uploading images there for an article I’m working on.  My Instagram feed is more raw, it’s more personal, and it’s turned into a fun way to share more quickly.  If you’d like to see the photography I’ve been working on lately you’ll likely see it there first.

See you on Instagram.

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4 replies on “Find Me On Instagram”
  1. says: Helen Bushe

    I’m new to Instagram and using it for iPhone pics which I’m having fun playing around with. I’ll look for you now. Merry Chrustmas when it comes, John.

    1. says: John Barbiaux

      Welcome to Instagram, lol. I would consider myself very new as well. Still figuring all this stuff out. Great work with the phone shots, they are beautiful!

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