Aloha From Kaua’i – Long Exposure Sunrise Photos

I’m still on Pittsburgh time…  I rolled out of bed at 4 a.m. Kaua’i time (10 a.m. Pittsburgh time) and not a soul was awake.  First, I walked down to the ocean behind our house and promptly turned around when I spotted ghost crabs scurrying this way and that like giant white beach spiders.

I decided to hop into the car and drive about a mile down the road to Tunnels Beach.  There were a bunch of tents and surfboards all around so I assume this is where the locals like to stay and play.

As the sun was rising I wasted some time photographing a lighthouse tower, it really was a waste of time.  I wanted to walk down the beach to see if I could see the towering slopes the North side of Kaua’i is known for.  I only made it about 100 yards down the coast before I decided to throw on my six stop ND filter and do some long exposure shots over the interesting rock formation in the shallow parts of the water.

If you could expand those images you’d notice that the trees are slightly fuzzy because the wind was blowing while the shutter was open.  There is also a chance that I had some diffraction caused by the excessively high aperture of f/18 (it was needed to slow the shutter speed to the point I wanted because I left my 10 stop ND filter at the house like an amateur).

Bookmark the site for more images from Kaua’i as the week goes on.  If you’ve visited before and know of a great place to visit you can drop a note in the comments below.  Insert Hawaiian word for thanks here.

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