Pittsburgh Like You’ve Never Seen It

I’ve been working on the schedule for the upcoming Pittsburgh Photography Workshop I’m teaching in July and it’s got me going back through some of my past photographs which gave me this idea…  The concept is not new but it’s very unique.  I’ve been taking some of my favorite photographs from around Pittsburgh and combining them to create a composite of the area they are taken from.  Some have mistaken them as reflections but they are actually a combination of 3 or more photographs.

Each image is edited individually in Lightroom 6 before being combined and edited in Pixlr or Photoshop (depending on the computer I’m using).  Finally the composite image is exported and edited once more in Lightroom 6 and dipped in the tears of a unicorn.  This particular image has been my favorite so far but I’ll share more in the future.

Be sure to check out the Workshop page for details on the upcoming Pittsburgh Photography Workshop, there are only a few more spots left.


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