Photo Challenge – Man’s Best Friend

From time to time I like to throw a photo challenge out there to stimulate your minds and see what kind of creative readers I’ve got on the other end of this magical internet.  Photo Challenges can be completed at your leisure and once you’ve finished you can actually submit your images to PhotolisticLife via the Submit An Article Page.  Who knows, if yours is good enough we may even do a little feature highlighting your photography right here on the site.

Today’s challenge involves man’s best friend, the K9, or domestic dog if you will.  The challenge is to capture a unique photograph using the compositional tools you’ve learned here at PhotolisticLife (as well as other places).  An ordinary old shot of a dog will just not do.  Heck, it doesn’t even have to be your dog!  Neither dogs you see in these images were mine, we stumbled upon them when my fiancée and I were walking through Central Park in New York City.


Grab your camera and go find yourself a dog, try to catch the dog doing something interesting or sitting someplace neat.  Remember not to get so close to the dog that you get your lens or face bit off (the dog may not recognize you as a human with your camera jutting out from your face).

Quick Tip
Dogs like to fidget, they will sit still until right before you press your shutter button, then they will fidget and cause a blurry photograph.  Adjust your shutter speed to somewhere above 1/150 (you may need to increase your ISO or widen your aperture).  You may even what to put your camera in a continuous shooting mode.

Good luck!  Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page and like us if you have not already done so…  Otherwise your dog will get fleas.

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