Photo Challenge – Cityscape Reflections

I’m not sure what it is about reflections in windows, puddles, or shiny reflective surfaces, but for some reason they catch our attention.  Maybe it’s the lure of seeing a picture of a picture or maybe we just like shiny things.  Either way, reflections are a popular photography subject these days.


This photography challenge may require you to visit the nearest city if you aren’t already living in one.  The challenge is to capture a reflection of your city, as much of your cityscape as you can.  A photograph that captures the side of a tall building in a small water puddle won’t do, we want to capture as many of the buildings in one reflection as possible.  Give it a try, I bet you’ll come up with something pretty incredible.

If you stare long enough at a building with lots of windows (with a camera) someone inside may think you’re taking their photograph…  I’d recommend not spending a ton of time in one place if there is a chance you’d be mistaken for a peeping tom (Ge’ez, all you Tom’s out there get a bad rap because some guy named Tom did enough peeping that they freaking named it after him – or it’s because there was a movie by the same name…).

If you capture a great shot feel free to share it with us on our Facebook page.  Happy hunting!

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