Photo Challange – Repetition And Patterns

Patterns and repetition in everyday life may seem somewhat boring but in photography it can help create interesting, engaging photographs.  Don’t be mistaken, when I talk about patterns I’m not talking about your grandmas old sewing cloth she would make blankets and capes with…  I’m talking about the image you see above and below, images with patterns and repetition can be as subtle or bold as you’d like.

0314_untitled_002There are at least four examples of repetition/patterns in this image: The railing, the palm trees, the park benches, and the lamp posts (and their reflections in the puddles).

When working with patterns or repetition you can choose to emphasize them or break them up with something that stands out against them.  Emphasizing a pattern can be as simple as getting close enough to eliminate any distractions that may be around the image.

0613_untitled_010By positioning the camera close to this building I was able to eliminate any distractions from around the image and emphasize the pattern the windows create.

Breaking up the pattern, on the other hand, can be just as effective and eye-catching.  The same building as above is photographed below, the flowers and reflections in the glass were captured in a way that disrupts the pattern the glass windows create.


Patterns don’t have to be a photograph of a brick wall or cobble stone floor/road, look for patterns and repetition all around you.  There is a good chance that you pass multiple examples of patterns and repetition on your way to and from work/school/being a bum everyday.

If you’d like to showcase some of your great shots of patterns or repetition you can submit them to PhotolisticLife by hitting the link in the main menu titled “Submit An Article” or just hit this link.  Choose Photo Journal Challenge as your category when submitting.  Be sure to give us some details about your gear and the photograph.  The best images will be featured here on the website (you may add a link to your website or Flickr page).

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