Do Foggy Landscapes Look More Interesting In Black And White?

I’m not sure about you but I’m not overly excited to photograph landscapes with clear blue skies.  Sounds weird right?  Actually, I’m not the only one…  Turns out that a lot of photographers will actually cut and copy an interesting sky from one picture and drop it into another (cough*cheaters*cough).  It’s safe to say that the least interesting skies are the extremes, either all blue without a cloud in sight or all grey without any texture.

The moral of the story is bad weather can yield great photographic results.  Fog for instance is my favorite weather to photograph in.  Foggy landscapes give you creative freedom you wouldn’t normally find on a sunny day.  Converting foggy landscapes into black and white images seems to work really well, maybe its the ominous look the fog adds.  What do you think?



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