Photo Challenge – Chalk Drawings

Graffiti is a dime a dozen these days, one of my favorites around my house is the black beard and eye brows given to George Washington by some teens in my neighborhood.  Normally I hate when people deface things like that but I can’t help but smile when I see George looking back at me with his bushy black eyebrows and pirate beard.  You know what isn’t a dime a dozen?  Chalk drawings.  What’s more (or less) is you’ll rarely find chalk drawings in remote areas as chalk hates rain and usually washes away after a storm or two.

While walking around a state park looking for amazing photographs to jump in front of my lens I came across this random chalk drawn heart on the side of a walkway and liked the contrast (it was pink and everything else was drab – for those of you that may be color blind challenged) it had with its surroundings.

You could do this as a one and done type photo challenge or you could turn it into your next photography project.  Find interesting chalk drawings in unlikely places (or likely places if you’d like) and capture them in creative ways.  Try adjusting your aperture to a lower f/number (larger aperture) to create the creamy backgrounds.

Tackle a challenge lately?  Share your results with us here at PhotolisticLife by visiting the Submit An Article page or post it right to our Facebook page.  Good luck!

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