Photo Challenge – Seeing The Same Subjects Differently

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to capture a subject or scene the way we have visualized it that we forget to step back and see all the different possibilities.  Would this work in black and white?  Should I break the rule of thirds and try something different?  Do birds laugh?  These are some of the questions you should ask yourself next time your out and about with your camera.  Challenge yourself to look at a subject or scene with an open mind.

I really liked the wooden posts in the photo below, I liked the texture and color of them as well as the metal rope that holds them together.  I wanted to capture this photograph, the one you see below, with the posts as the main focal point and the bridge blurred just enough that you know it’s there but it’s not an attention hog.


As I was taking the shot above I began to wonder how many people have taken this same shot before me.  I wondered how many different ways I’d have to photograph this same subject before I stumbled onto something original.  You see, if we all follow the Rule of Thirds (which is a good rule) then all our images start to look pretty similar.  I decided to take a different approach in capturing the same subject.


The photograph above was the result of my attempt to do something different, something I would not otherwise have done.  I broke the rule of thirds (not drastically but enough that it feels off balance to me) to really emphasize the posts, then I made the image black and white to emphasize the contrast between the main subject (the posts) and the rest of the image.

Whether you like the first image better than the second or you prefer crunchy peanut butter to smooth, you can’t deny that completing a challenge like this will improve your ability to visualize the best way to photograph your subject or scene.  So grab your camera and give it a try.

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