Photo Challenge – Emergency Services

We take them for granted every day, we sleep comfortably knowing that someone is watching out for us and our loved ones.  Yet emergency services are all around us.  I thought of this photo challenge a week ago when I was walking around the city and realized I had zero photographs of any type of emergency services vehicle.  Police car, fire truck, ambulance, chocolate delivery truck (I’m lobbying for that to be a real thing), nothing.  I’ve decided to make photographing emergency vehicles my next photography challenge.

As always, the goal is not to grab any old shot of a vehicle but to take your time and capture something dynamic.  Come up with something more than ordinary.  Incorporate one or more compositional rules/elements in your photograph to set it apart.

Once you’ve capture something interesting or if you’ve already got a great shot of a chocolate truck emergency vehicle you can submit it using the Submit an Article page or post it right on our Facebook page.

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