Fujifilm X-T1 – The OMD Killer?

The latest and greatest from Fujifilm will be announced January 28th and could possibly dethrone the OMD line of cameras as well as a large number of Canon and Nikon crop sensor DSLR’s.  Fujifilm is attempting to piggy back off of Olympus’s brand success with the EM5 and EM1 but with a small twist, a larger sensor.  Larger sensor means more dynamic range and possibly better low light capabilities.  If Fuji is true to form the rendering capabilities of this sensor will be impressive.  This is all speculation of course and I won’t know until I get my hands on one for its review.

Here is what we think we know:

  • 18-55mm kit lens (may be weather sealed)
  • 100% coverage EVF
  • 16MP APS-C X-Trans sensor II
  • 2.36 million OLED, 0.005s lag EVF
  • UHS-II SD-card support (very fast write speed)
  • .5 second response from off to on
  • Shutter lag of .05 second
  • 8 frames per second with AF
  • ISO up to 51200
  • Weather sealed
  • WiFi
  • Tilt screen similar to EM1
  • Possible delivery in mid February
  • $1,300 body only/$1,800 body and 18-35mm/$2000 body and 18-135mm

If given the option of the EM1 with the micro four thirds sensor or an APS-C sensor the wise photographer will choose the larger APS-C sensor every day of the week.  It will be interesting to see if Fuji incorporates the same viewfinder system they use in the X100S, where you can switch from optical to electronic at the press of a button but I wouldn’t hold my breath.  As electronic viewfinders continue to improve there will eventually be no need for the optical viewfinders.

Keep PhotolisticLife bookmarked for updates and product photography once Fuji releases the press release.  For those of you waiting to purchase the Fuji I’ll be linking to the preorder page as well (if available).

How many of you are thinking about buying the new Fuji X-T1?

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3 replies on “Fujifilm X-T1 – The OMD Killer?”
  1. says: Max Headroom

    Interesting camera, but as always sites predicting that the latest wizz bang camera from company X is going to eat the OMD’s lunch completely loses the point of Micro 43rds. The lenses for Micro 43rds are as good if not better quality than the larger formats, but substantially smaller. Camera is smaller. Result = Smaller camera and lens combination that is incredibly light, that you want to carry around with you. The Fuji can’t compete on size and weight.

    1. says: John Barbiaux

      The Fuji is smaller than the EM1 according to the specs… Smaller with a larger sensor. Food for thought.

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