Photo Journal Challenge Answered – Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree challenge has been answered by Liz Sette and her photo looks great.  Liz says:

This photo is of our Christmas tree this year.  I wanted to play around with star bursts with the lights and I think I succeeded in creating nice ones.  The camera I used was a Nikon D7000 and the settings were f/22, 10 sec., ISO 200, manual mode, no flash and I used a tripod.  It was fun to do and I was satisfied with the result although I was getting in my husband’s way as he tried to watch the TV!

Oh Tannebaum (3)

Great work!  I’d say you nailed it.  I love the glow the tree gives off on your wall and the starbursts look great.  Do you know where the tradition of putting a Christmas Tree up in your house comes from?  Leave your answers in the comments below.

Have you conquered a photo challenge lately?  Show us your work by using the Submit an Article link at the top of the page.  Enjoy!

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