Photo Journal – Imaginative Train Set

Growing up in my house we had one tradition at Christmas that was my favorite, setting up the train set under the tree.  Sure, I would set up my spy gear year and after year in attempt to catch Santa stealing my cookies but the train set was the highlight of my childhood Christmas.  I would play for hours with my little micro machines under that tree, I’m surprised my mom didn’t leave it up all year long in an attempt to distract me from playing drums on her pots and pans.

While photographing at a local conservatory I came across this humdinger of a train set, it was perfect.  I was instantly transported back to my childhood and my imagination ran wild.  The Dinosaur was an awesome touch and the person that put this train set together should get a raise for having a child like imagination.

How about you?  Any fun train set photographs?  Have an idea for a Photo Journal of your own?  Feel free to share your creativeness with us by hitting the Submit an Article link.  Enjoy!

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