Photo Challenge – Christmas Is Almost Upon Us!

Every year I do a Photo Challenge with Christmas in mind, it’s my favorite time of the year (last year was all about baby Jesus).  Unfortunately where I live you would think the middle finger meant Merry Christmas as you drive down the road.  Do you have what it takes to put the spirit of the season in a photo?  Can you capture a photograph that makes someone stop and remember what this season is all about?  That’s the challenge of a professional photographer, getting more than a snap shot…  Telling a story with your photograph is what separates the good shots from the great shots.


Tell us what camera and lens you used, what settings you used, and a little about your technique.  If you’re anything like me the first thing you do when you come across an interesting photograph on Flickr is check the EXIF data to see what equipment and settings were used.

For those of you who don’t already know about the Seasons Photo Contest that is going on right now (check out the rules here) you can submit your photos to both the challenge and the photo contest so long as you let me know in your submission that you’d like to submit to both.  The Seasons Photo Contest is free to enter and the prize is $250.

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