Photo Journal Challenge – Fallinter/Sprinter

Accepted your recent challenge to grab some photos of Fallinter and have even included one of Sprinter (winter going into spring – idea came from someone very close to you….).  These were taken early this morning and reveal remnants of fall leaves and winter snow….well, all except for the sprinter shot!

Becky DeSantis

Great shots Becky, the clashing of seasons make all sorts of interesting photography subjects. The lighting towards the end of Fall and into winter is also more favorable, producing longer periods of softer light for lots of time to practice photography. It’s always fun to see what you come up with in response to a Photo Journal or Photo Challenge.  I really like the ferns with the light behind them, great shot.

It’s your turn! Ya, you.  If you read a great tutorial on photography or a photo challenge here at PhotolisticLife you can submit your photographs and two cents through the Submit an Article link.  Your inspiration doesn’t even have to come from this site, you can answer a challenge you read anywhere or complete a photo project you read about someplace else.  Share the knowledge with us.  Enjoy!

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