Photo Journal Challenge – Poverty

Photos and article by Prashanta Kumar Saha

silent street

People who lost everything in their life, people who has no identity to show off and people who are drifting in any cause are the people of street.  Climate changes, hunger, poverty forces a good number of population of Bangladesh to live in street.  These people have no place to hold themselves.  Their day starts in dump streets and ends at the roads of nowhere.  Concrete covered street is bed of rose for these refugees who actually do not possess any identity.  They are basically street hackers, laborers, street child etc.  They build and are brought up in the street and thus these streets are their home to lay down.

Prashanta Kumar Saha

silent street

Very good submission, another good example of editorial photography.  The photographs are raw and give us a look at the hardships that the refugees endure.  The viewer can’t help but feel emotion when looking at the children sleeping in the netting, obviously undernourished.  This type of photography takes a toll on the photographer as it would be impossible to separate yourself from the obvious discomfort of the subjects.

The train ties act as leading lines in the photograph below while the lines of the grate that the small boy at the top of the page help to make your subject stand out (because his direction is different from that of the lines.  Great shots and thank you for submitting them.  Keep them coming!

silent street

The Photo Journal Challenge started out as a challenge to be completed each and every day but has since turned into your (the readers) springboard to share your own photo challenges and observations with the rest of us.  If you’d like to share something you’ve worked on then hit the link below Articles called Submit an Article and share your world.

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