Photo Journal Challenge – Ryan Li

Photos and Article by Ryan Li


When the world is full of happiness and looking forward the reciprocal.  There are so many living creatures that are struggling to live in next years….  Our pets always listen to us and obey to our orders but they never request any special returns and offers from us.  However, it’s the time to ask ourselves, can we promise our pets we will not abandon them on the street?  Can we promise to protect their life before we pick them to our homes?  Our little promises can rescue millions of animals life, can also help millions of animals can find their loving homes forever… I hope that you could forward this article to your friends, so that many people will know that there are millions and thousands of life are waiting for our love, waiting for our promises.

– Ryan


Great shots Ryan, I particularly liked the photograph with the cat peering through the fence.  The photograph above where you can see the fence was almost blurred out of existence was done by using a large aperture (small f/number).  This is a great trick to use when photographing anything through a fence of some sort, this is a good trick to put in your bag of tricks for the next visit to the zoo.  The first photograph with all the orange looking cats around this little cutie is nice because the kitten stands out against its background.  The B+W photograph works because all the other cats heads are down and the little kitten is looking up… into your soul.

Great example of journalistic photography, the story and photographs achieve what you were going for.  Thanks for the submission and keep them coming.  Meow who is next?



The Photo Journal Challenge is your springboard to share ideas and photo achievements with the rest of us.  Have a great series of photos you’d like to show off?  Maybe a challenge you completed and you’d like to share.  Submit your photos and story using the Submit An Article link in the top menu or click here.

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