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Reader Submission by Priyabrata Roy


A day in a Railway station

One day I planned to spend a day in a Rail station watching trains, natural life of people, birds, butterflies etc. and their daily life beside station where their life is associated around the station.  I started my journey in the morning, When I reached the platform I saw a train was coming making whistle and people waiting to board on the train, After the train left the station I saw a local man fishing in a muddy water and birds flying here and there searching of food.  A gentle breeze was blowing.  The platform was in a nice place amidst green trees and bushes on one side and a lake, paddy field on the other side.  The most captivating pictures were the Red vented Bulbul were screaming and colorful butterflies were spreading their wings and sitting on flowers for honey.  Sometimes a birds scream was breaking the silence and I also noticed the hide and seek of sun rays with clouds.  As a whole I enjoyed a lot spending my leisure in a rail station and will be remembered for the rest of my life.


Great submission!  I was intrigued by the fact that you decided to spend an entire day at a train station, something not many people would do I imagine…  unless they worked there.  You approached your day much the same as a street photographer would, picking a place where diverse people come and you’d have a chance to see all the different emotions (people sad to see others leave, excited to greet others returning, and anger at the late train).  Good work!

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