Photo Challenge – Circles


Have you ever eaten cereal and read the back of the box out of sheer boredom?  Trick question, I know you have.  No doubt you’ve seen the occasional box that has the game where you find all the cereal pieces hidden somewhere in the scene on the back of the box.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, you see the challenge and you conquer it.  It’s that exact game that got me thinking about this photo challenge.

Find the circles in the photograph above…  There are roughly nine of them.  The Mercedes symbol, two headlights, the no parking sign, and the bolts on the garage door above the car.  Sometimes making a game out of your photography can uncover dynamic photographs that you would not otherwise find.  This would work especially well if you are stuck in your house this winter and need something to do with your camera before you go stir crazy.

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