Photo Story Contest – The Winter Sun

Photos and Story Submitted by Dennis Doyle

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There are times as I wander through this life of mine that I remember being a child.  Doing very similar things with my father so near.  I was one of those lucky kids to be raised in the mountains when the rest of the world was searching for the cities.  I was born and raised at Lake Tahoe.  That was before it was the world-class resort it is now.. My father and I would walk down the stream to the point it flowed into the lake and just sit awaiting the sun to do its slow journey toward the mountains of the west.  Those memories are a strong guiding light for me now as I view nature and its perfect existence.  Is it possible I could have seen this sunset with my father so many years ago?  Is this that same moment in time ,replayed for my benefit?  These questions continually course through my synapse as I peer through my view-finder and try to relay the emotion of the moment to the one who is viewing this assortment of colored pixels..



There is a moment in time that is like no other.  It has never been seen before nor will it be seen again.  A shadow that falls on the earth from a display of heavenly clouds on their way to the far east.  A trickle of light that splashes on a Cottonwood tree at a certain moment, on a certain day, looking for a precise point of perfection.  Perhaps it is an ethereal vision that is fleeting in its presence and only observed by the owner of that moment at that time?  A photograph is an awkward attempt to reveal these personal visions from one set of eyes to the mind of the masses.. (or the one?..)  The photographers task (and duty..) is to come as close to that point in time as is humanly possible.  Always trying in an individual way to share more than the colored pixels but the emotion and the experience of that moment to the willing viewer(participant).  To accomplish this is to unlock a tiny portion of my soul and hopefully yours as well!


Each of us has our own story to tell, we want to hear yours.  Enter the contest by clicking here and possibly win $300 for your efforts.  Good luck!

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