Photo Story Contest – The High Park Fire

Photo and Article by Millie Cope

Little Glow to the Black woods

 Little Glow to the Black woods

The High Park Fire burnt most and left very few behind.  I have captured photos of many burnt trees and instead of dulling your day; they give you a little spark.  The High Park Fire in Colorado surprisingly helped my life out!  I can take breath-taking photos of these burnt trees.  They make wonderful pictures, whether the sun is glowing in the background or the clouds cover it all.

Dark Sad sight

Dark Sad Sight

These trees are destroyed and never can come back, but I feel like my photo’s I take can give people a little hope.  Hope that new vegetation will grow back, new trees will grow, and new life will spark up and cover up the black destruction.  The sun still shines, the days go on, so why not have hope for a new greener life?  My orange glow behind my burnt tree’s, or the sun blasting through the trees show a little spark.  It shows even though the fire swept through and caused destruction, you can still make good out of it.  Yeah those burnt trees may cause depression, but that’s why you got to catch the trees on their good days.  Capture the beauty they hold, not the ugly depression they portray.  The High Park Fire may have taken lots from people, but don’t let that take away your scenery you look at every day, don’t let that take away from your happy life you live.

Orange glow to brighten the day

Orange Glow to Brighten the Day

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