Photo Challenge – Reverse that Sunset/Sunrise


Sure, plenty of people photograph the sun setting and rising all over the world.  It could very well be the most beautiful thing in the world, the promise of a new day or the conclusion to a yet another.  This idea came to me as I was photographing Pittsburgh (which I do a lot of) and while most folks were photographing the sun setting behind me I decided to turn around and photograph the reflection of the sun set on the city as well as the reflection of the reflection of the sun setting on the water (did I lose you there?).

The challenge is to find someplace where the sun can reflect, either on its way to sit majestically (and blindingly) above you in the sky or on its way back down again, and look as though it’s setting or rising from the opposite direction like in the photograph above.

Here is your chance to show us how awesome you are, take the challenge and submit your image through the Submit An Article link (select Photo Challenge).  Good luck!

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