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Article submitted by Katrina Vlnaty

BBQ on North Side

Ok, 4 photos. 4 points on a compass. That’s where I started.

Then I realized these photos were not just of geographic locales in Grand Cayman. They represented me, my compass.

N – Breaking bread with true friends.
E – Improving my health in, on & by the sea.
W – Finding tiny treasures in a world of excess.
S – Reveling in a day well spent.

Well, this was ‘news’ to me and this, as Jimmy Buffett would sing, is what living means to me.

Kayaks on Seven Mile Beach

View in West Bay

Sunset in South Sound


Great submissions Katrina, your photography does a great job of conveying your emotion and feelings.  Nice work with using depth of field to isolate your subject in the BBQ shot as well as the flower photograph.  The silhouette shot of the photographer is one of my favorites though, it’s very refreshing.  All of these photos make me want to go on vacation as soon as possible.

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