Photo Challenge – Answered

Parking, Cheap Art and Outhouses

Image and Article by Liz Sette

When I saw this challenge (Can’t Park Here) I just had to submit this photo even though it is not a “No Parking” sign but a “Parking” sign.  I took this photo several years ago in Glover, VT at the Bread & Puppet Theater where my youngest daughter was working at the time.  Very interesting place to say the least and I hope a photo like this would spark an interest and curiosity to see what this place is all about!


Great catch Liz, I like how you took the challenge and ran with it.  Photo challenges, like most things, aren’t meant to be an unbreakable mold… sometimes they inspire you to do something similar but the result is the same, you’ve captured a great shot.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a sign telling others where the out houses are located and I like all the colors in the shot.

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