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Guest Post by: Becky DeSantis

Doorway to the barn with cutout for cat entry/exit and red “accessories”

Becky Says –

There is an old barn down the road from my house with peeling white paint and faded red lettering with the original owner’s name. There are a few other red touches including the hinges, door lock, and funky little handmade door handle. The cut out area on the bottom left allows the barn cats to enter and exit at will. The folks who live here now are running a rescue farm and always graciously offer me free reign on taking photos. On the lower level, I was taking photos of the one horse as he approached me and suddenly he was right on top of the lens! Love the warmer weather for photographing right in my own “backyard.”

The renters of this farm are running it as a rescue. Two of their horses are in the pasture that gives them use of the lower level of the barn.

The renters of this farm are running it as a rescue. Two of their horses are in the pasture that gives them use of the lower level of the barn.

Great shots Becky, I especially like the contrast of the faded red hinges against the door washed by time and decay.  Awesome detail on the horse as well, look like it’s nose would have been under your arm as you took that shot.  Great job.  The composition of the lighter background of the sky and still different color background of the ground helps to make the horse stand out, enhancing the composition.  Great work.

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