Photo Candy – Baby Birds

baby chicks, baby birds

baby chicks, baby birds

While visiting Kaua’i you can’t help but notice the plethora of roosters every where you go.  Apparently the cat population is not very large here, my cat Reeses would have had a field day.  Theory has it that in 1992 a hurricane that hit devastated the chicken farms and released the roosters into the wild, since there are no natural predators on the island they have proliferated.  Locals don’t seem to mind and they are actually quite beautiful.  Every other island has a healthy population of mongoose who love to feast on bird eggs (originally they were introduced to keep the rats from decimating the sugar plantations).

The baby chicks are cute and the roosters are beautiful colors of blue, green, and red.  When you visit Kaua’i you’ll learn to love the sound of the rooster as it crows throughout the day.

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2 replies on “Photo Candy – Baby Birds”
  1. says: LSet51

    This is good to know since we will be visiting Hawaii this summer for two weeks and one of the islands we are visiting is Kauai. I’ll be sure to photograph the baby chicks and the colorful rosters and share the results. When we are in Maui, I’m not so sure about the mongoose unless I use a telephoto lens since they look rather mean with very sharp teeth!

    1. says: John Barbiaux

      Awesome, you’re going to have a blast. Bring lots of SD cards for the thousands of pictures you’ll take. I can’t wait to see some of them.

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