Photo Challenge for Two or More


Sometimes it’s difficult to motivate ourselves to go out and photograph every day or even every week, sometimes we get a little burnt out.  Turning photography into a bit of a game can help you to spark your passion and increase your skills as a photographer.  As with most games, this one isn’t meant to be played alone.

How to Play

This game is really meant for two or more people.  You send each other photographs each day, week, or month of the oldest thing you can find.  Whoever finds the oldest thing each time gets a point, just keep track of your points.  Find a friend or make a pen pal, then email them a link to this page so you’re both privy to the rules.


~Don’t use images you’ve already taken

~You may challenge the alleged date or age of the object your friend photographed

~If you or your friends photograph is challenged and it turns out you were wrong about the age you lose a point

~If one of you doesn’t have a photograph on the agreed time to exchange that person loses your friendship a point

~Only inanimate objects.  Humans, animals, trees, and the left overs in your fridge all don’t count (it was probably an animal once)

~If you challenge and you are wrong you lose a point


Don’t be afraid to alter the rules, this is meant to be a creative challenge that is fun and well… challenging.  You may find the biggest challenge is figuring out exactly how old the subject you want to photograph is.


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