Photo Project – Light and Seasons

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

From time to time it’s important that we sit down and crack open a book (or iBook?) and read about some of the great artists who came before us, whether photographers, painters, or sculptors.  Here is where you expect me to say something about Ansel Adams but that would be cliché.

Claude Monet is… on Wikipedia, check him out.  (I’m disappointed in you if you don’t know who he was.)  Among Monet’s most notable work is a series of 25 canvases called Haystacks, each painting is of the same subject but during different times of day, different weather, and different seasons.  The series emphasizes the perception of light and color as well as Monet’s passion for art.  When was the last time you chose one subject and took 25 different photographs of said subject at different times of the day, year, and different types of weather?

Lucky for you this won’t be as difficult as it was in Monet’s day, you won’t need 25 canvases, an assortment of brushes, or an abundance of paint.  You can mark on the ground (or in your house if the subject is right outside your winder) where your tripod is for that first shot and then return to that exact spot day after day, season after season, rain or shine.  If you feel like 25 photograph is pushing it then pick a number you’re comfortable and shoot for that.  You don’t want to set a number so high that it demotivates you.

If you gather a series of photographs and you want a pat on the back you can submit them to PhotolisticLife’s Photo Journal and we will feature them on the site.  Good luck.

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Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

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