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The next photo contest is quickly approaching, February 16th, 2013 the contest will begin.  The contest will run all the way to May 15th of 2013.  The winner will walk away with $300.  There will be a cost to enter this time around, $5 per photograph with 10 photographs being the max.  The entry fee will go towards future contests and delivering fresh ideas to the readers of PhotolisticLife.  For the numbers people out there, if you submit a photo for $5 and win $300 you would have earned 6,000% on your money… not bad right.

If you’d like to head over and check out the new platform where the next contest will be held point your computer in this direction:

You can set up a profile and upload images now if you’d like, once the entry form is live (on the 16th of February) you will be able to tag the photograph you’d like to have entered.  This means you can have photos posted and not be entered in the contest, when you pay for entry you will be given a number that you will include with the title of your image to let the judges know which of your photographs you’d like entered into the contest.

Photo Contest Steps

  • Read Rules
  • Set up profile on  (You can do this now)
  • Upload Your Best Images (You can do this now)
  • Fill out entry form and pay for your submissions (starts on the 16th of February)
  • Once you receive a confirmation email enter the last 5 numbers/letters of your transaction ID into the title of the image you’d like to enter
  • “Like”, comment, and follow other contestants.  Remember, the number of likes you get can help your chances… invite friends.

The contest platform is very much in beta form, this means it may be slow at times and give you a bit of a headache… please be patient.  This platform is the easiest way for you to upload your own images and view others in a timely fashion.  Thanks for your understanding and good luck.


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