Camera Backpack for the Active Photographer

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As photographers, casual or professional, we are always in search of great ways to tote our gear to and from our different adventures.  When you first start you convert one of your old backpacks into your camera back and convince yourself that the backpack will suffice.  Alas, months later you are inevitably shopping for something to store your camera gear in that will remain a little more organized than the “drop it in the bag and sort it out later” approach.  Don’t get me wrong, that approach worked for me for a little over a year, but as I added more and more gear to my collection I needed a way to get this gear to where I wanted to shoot and then access it quickly.  Enter the Lowepro backpack with its combination of style and function.

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs form and function, it’s a day pack with a great camera storage solution.  You won’t fit all your gear in here but you’ll fit what you’d actually need/use in a day.  The bag is great if you like to hike your gear in to places that everyone hasn’t already been to.  There is room in the top of the bag for whatever you’d need on a day hike while the camera is accessible from the back (there is actually a camera pouch that is removable if you want to convert the backpack into a day pack).  The bag is perfect for men and women, it’s smaller and discreet so you don’t feel like you’re a camel lugging around all your camera gear.  It weighs less than 2 pounds, so you can’t blame it if your legs start to get tired as your hiking about town.


Amazon lists the pack for $89.95 and it comes in a couple different colors.  Underneath the camera storage there is a slit that you can pull out a weatherproof cover that wraps around the back pack keeping it dry if you run into rain or snow.  The camera compartment also has a cover to protect your precious little camera if you so choose.  The bag has plenty of room above the camera that is accessible from traditional zipper access on the top.  There is plenty of padding so you don’t feel your camera poking you in the back as you hike around.  Lowepro makes other sizes available as well if you need a larger bag but I’ve found that larger bags tend to make me carry more crap that I don’t really need.  It’s better to use your head and plan your day, and the gear you’ll use, than to pack it all and run around scatter brained.

There are thousands of bags available for all your camera gear and there are plenty of reasons to own a couple different ones.  It’s smart to have a large bag to keep all your gear organized at home, one for the car, and one like this to pack what you need and stay mobile.  I highly recommend this bag for anyone looking for the freedom to go where they want and not worry about dragging a heavy bag along with them.

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