Quick Tip 103

ISO 200, 70mm, f4.5, 1/60sec

Reboot and Reflect

Sometimes we like to think that the only way to get great photographs is to travel long distances to far off places that are far more photogenic than our back yards.  Although I do agree that travel can be a great inspiration to photographers, I disagree if you think your own backyard can’t be extremely interesting.  Try this exercise:

  • Walk into your backyard, local park, neighbors back yard (if they are friendly), or really anywhere where you wont get arrested with your camera.
  • Take a rope and cut to 25ft and pin it to the ground at your feet.  Or just eye-ball it, but the rope makes it more precise for you Poindexters out there.
  • Now grab your camera and take 50 photographs in the 25ft area all around you.  Don’t go any further than the 25ft and I guarantee you will find well over 50 photographs that are interesting.

This exercise can be done with any lens but I like to keep a macro lens with me as well because it opens up a whole new tiny little world.  Don’t be afraid to practice different things like using a flash or depth of field (by adjusting your aperture).  The point of the exercise is to help you clear your head of all the clutter of looking for the “best” photograph and help you to take in the beauty right in front of you.

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