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The Photo Journal is where we will feature one of your (the readers’) photos each day. Whoever has the most interesting or different photo each day will be featured on the site and praised like the amazing photogenius you are.

Day Eighty One

If squirrels had calendars this would be the September cover photo.  August was a squirrel in a bikini and of course one month there was that famous squirrel that someone taught to water ski in their pool.  Remember that?  Look it up on YouTube, its real… I swear.  Fun fact:  Most urban squirrels only live to be about one year old while their rural counterpart can live to be six.  Automobiles kill the urban squirrels (ya you pal!), while lack of food kills the rural squirrels.  Disturbingly I discovered that some squirrels can be predatory and have been found eating dead snakes and lizards.  So next time you and your kids are running around outside with reckless abandon and carefree tom-foolery keep an eye out for the ferocious squirrels.  You’ve been warned!

So who is next? Include your name, where you shot the picture, what the picture is of, and why you took it.

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