Photo Journal

The Photo Journal is where we will feature one of your (the readers’) photos each day. Whoever has the most interesting or different photo each day will be featured on the site and praised like the amazing photogenius you are.

Day Sixty Four

Photiquing.  Think about it… Antiquing and photography equals Photiquing.  You know why this is a great hobby?  Because you can get some really cool photographs and you don’t have to spend a dime or ever dust a house full of your “crazy awesome finds” you came across at the yard sell down the road.  Don’t be a hoarder.  Although the photo above might not have been composed just right it has a lot of character with the bright colors and contrast.  Does anyone know what it is/was?

So who is next? Include your name, where you shot the picture, what the picture is of, and why you took it.
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Do not copy, distribute or otherwise use the images on this site. Images are property of the photographers who submit them.

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