Farm Markets Around the World

Farm Market in Barbados

This post is for the world travelers out there as well as the home bodies.  We have received a few different photographs showing the different farm markets from people’s home town around the United States as well as a couple from out of the country.  Wouldn’t it be great if we received a bunch more of different farm markets around the world so we could compile them and do a post with them all?  Yes… it would be great.

So stop reading this site for a moment, dig down into your photo collection… I’ll wait…  Alright, now send in the awesome photos you have from the various farm markets you’ve visited.  Hit the link below and it will launch your email app so you can attach the photo and send it on it’s way.  ‘Snap’ to it.

Submit Your Picture Here!  Please include the place you took the photo and your name if you’d like us to give you props. Thanks!

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