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The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the worlds 7 wonders and for good reason, it’s absolutely remarkable to stand next to the rim of the Grand Canyon and look out across millions of years of sculpting by mother natures hands.  Also running through your head is ‘how many people plummeted to their demise while trying to get that perfect photograph?’  When first visiting the iconic American landmark you’ll drive through a forest where you thought there could be none.  The forest gives way to vast and awe-inspiring expanse of cliffs and valleys, rocks and sand, and a view that forces you to ohh and aah (look below, see how I did that?).

Landscape photography is difficult if you really want to get something unique and that certainly holds true at the Grand Canyon.  With the random hiker/photographer photo bombing your every shot and each vantage point well trampled, where the thousands of photographers set up shot millions of times before you, leave you wondering if you’re toiling away hopelessly searching for something unique.

Alas, a mule train to the rescue.  For this shot I slowed my shutter speed just enough to give the mules a tiny bit of motion blur and held my camera as still as possible to keep the background as crisp as possible, thus giving the photograph perceived motion.  At least that was the idea.

When photographing at the Canyon I left my 12mm prime lens on for the duration of the trip so I was forced to get up close and personal and compose my shots differently than when I could just zoom in and frame my shots that way.  It was difficult but rewarding due to the fact that the lens I was using was tack sharp (review of lens here).  The added benefit was that the wide-angle lens gave the photographs the feeling that the viewer was right there in the mix of it.  See for yourself.

Note:  Do not copy, duplicate, or distribute photos… Thanks.

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