Best Camera Strap for the Active Photographer

What type of photographer are you?  The point the camera out your living room window to catch those rascally squirrels and their daily hijinks?  The hop in your car and drive all over the city looking for the perfect shot until you realize your tired out from the stopping and going with the ebb of traffic?  Well if either of those describes you then you don’t need to read further.  This camera strap is for the photographer that gets off the beaten path to find some shots that can’t be taken from the side of the road or the comfort of your living room while you sip Earl Grey.

A company right here in the U.S. called BlackRapid designed the best strap for the active photographer.  It’s perfect if you enjoy hiking with your camera but you don’t want your camera bouncing all over the place.  The strap actually screws into the bottom of your camera where your tripod would go so it’s a very secure hold.  They sell on Amazon for 70 bucks and are worth every penny.

Tip:  Head over to your local hardware store and pick up a small carabiner to fasten the strap of this strap to your backpack or belt loop of your pants for an even more secure hold. 

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