Camera Case for Any Situation

Let’s be realistic, when you take your camera with you it would be nice to not have to unzip eight different zippers just to take a quick pic but you still don’t want to just drop it in your purse or backpack.  Here is a case that you can either wear around your neck or throw in your backpack and not have to worry about fitting it back in your camera bag and then fitting your camera bag back into your backpack.  You can also wear it on your belt apparently but I suggest you don’t do that in public… ever.  It’s got a nice accessory pocket for a spare batter, lens filter, or whatever other knickknacks you deem essential to your trip.

The pouch is made of flexible material that can fit most DSLR’s and for 15 bucks you can’t beat it.  Check it out here: USA Gear DuraNeoprene dSLR FlexArmor Sleeve Case

Photographs courtesy of Amazon

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