Photography Scavenger Hunt

Looking, Judging, Meowing…

Scavenger hunt is a great game to keep the kids busy while you feed the animals on FarmVille or tweet what you just had for breakfast. Here is an adaptation to the age old classic that will be great for you and your friends to show off your photography talent and/or creativity. It’s so simple a cave man could do it if he had basic knowledge of how to use a camera and then electronically send them to his multiple friends across the country…

The rules of the game are meant to be adjusted to fit your whims. The basic idea is that you set up a letter or list of words and then try to photograph something from the list of words or that starts with the particular letter you chose. Each day you send one another said photos until you have blown through the list. You can either vote on who had the most interesting photo that day or you could just enjoy the fact that you and your friends aren’t incredibly boring. The letter C could be the letter you start with, so for a week you would send each other a picture of things that start with C, like cat.

Reeses the cat was the model for the picture above, she enjoys lapping up milk and catting around the house all day purring and rubbing up against stuff. Her favorite thing to do is lay on someones chest and watch movies on the iPad. She is a Pisces.

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