Repurpose an Old Door


Knock, knock? Just kidding. Here is a great idea for your dinning room. All you need is an old door and some rubber bumpers along with whatever you’d like to use for legs (I would use 4×4’s cut to length or for a really cool and hefty look some railroad ties). Some heavy duty L brackets and wood screws. And finally, a couple 8′ pieces of 1×4 lumber.

Cut the 1×4’s to make a box underneath the door, your going to need to use the wood screws to connect them (maybe some wood glue for good measure).
Now your going to connect the wood box to the bottom of the door, this is where you will use the L brackets. Screw that puppy down (again, may be a good idea to incorporate some wood glue along the top of the box and bottom of the door).
Next cut your legs (not the ones attached to your body) to the length you want based on the desired height of the table and attach them to the underside of the table. Here you can use a larger screw or a bolt to go through the side of the wooden box, attached to the underside of the door, into the legs you cut.
Here is where you’ll prepare the door for the glass top. Peel the backing off the bumpers and attach them to the four corners of the door (this will keep the glass from sliding around). That is really all you need to do but if you’re afraid Wonkers the cat might leap from the table and shove the glass onto the floor you can find other ways to secure the top using the Google machine (look it up).
Last Step:
Take your piece of glass (I don’t recommend tempered glass) and lay it on the bumpers. Now prepare a feast and invite all your normal friends with their lame ikea tables over to admire your awesomeness.

If you are wondering where to get the glass, call around to some local hardware stores and they can help you order glass cut to your doors specifications.

If your door table doesn’t look like crap send us a photo and we will feature it on the site.
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